• Login with Corppass
    • Question 1: What is Corppass?
      Corppass is a single corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities to transact online with government agencies. To find out more, please visit https://www.corppass.gov.sg/corppass/common/findoutmore. Or contact the Corppass Helpdesk at 6643 0577.
    • Question 2: Who needs Corppass?
      Corppass is the required login for business transactions with the government from Q3 2018. Individuals (including professionals) who need to transact in a business capacity with the government are required to use a Corppass. The business will have to be UEN-registered to be eligible for a Corppass.
    • Question 3: Where can I find Corppass FAQ?
      Please refer to the Corppass FAQ here.
  • E-survey Submission
    • Question 1: What is POES?
      PPI Online E-Survey (POES) is a new mode of submission available to companies which are Corppass ready. It is accessible any time at your convenience and is a quick and easy way to make your survey submissions online. Upon receiving notification of a new survey, you may login to the website with your Corppass and Survey IDs to access the survey forms. The survey forms can be downloaded and completed at a later time as well. Completed survey forms should be uploaded into the system subsequently.
      POES can be accessed via https://www.esurvey.singstat.gov.sg/poes.
    • Question 2: What is Survey ID?
      It is a unique ID provided to each respondent so as to ensure that the information you provide is safe and secure. It also ensures that no other respondents are able to view the information you have submitted to us. The Survey ID issued to you should be kept confidential.
    • Question 3: Can my colleague submit on my behalf?
      To ensure confidentiality of the data submitted, each CorpPass ID is linked to a Survey ID. Please contact our officers-in-charge should you require an alternate staff member to make a submission on your behalf.
    • Question 4: Is the information I submit via the internet secured?
      POES uses a secure protocol for communication over the internet. The system also employs both password and file transfer encryption to protect the privacy and integrity of exchanged data. All information submitted via POES is secure and will be kept in confidential.
    • Question 5: I prefer to continue using hardcopy submissions, can I opt-out?

      We strongly suggest that POES be used if your company is Corppass ready as it is the most secure method of survey submission. If your company is not Corppass ready yet or if you do not have a Corppass, please visit https://www.corppass.gov.sg/corppass/common/findoutmore to find out how you may obtain a Corppass.

      As an alternative to POES, you may wish to consider using our Email submission method. Instead of receiving survey forms via post, you would receive an email containing the relevant survey forms which could be submitted via email upon completion. All survey forms received via this method are password protected and secure.

  • System Requirements & Settings
    • Question 1: I have issues accessing POES, what should I do?
      Ensure that your computer is connected to the internet and you are using one of the following internet browsers:
      - Internet Explorer 9 or 11
      - Firefox
      - Chrome
      - Safari 7 and above
      If you continue to have issues accessing POES, please contact the officer-in-charge stated on the letter you have received.